Bespoke Toughened Glass.

All our Toughened Glass is cut to size for your specialist application. Whether that be a Table Top, Kitchen Splashback, Shower Screen, Glass Balustrade, Stair Glass or Glass Partition Panels.

We supply bespoke glass made to measure in a variety of shapes and sizes, to a wide selection of customers. These range from individuals, trades, developers and architects. Read on for more on what glass types are used where, this is a guide only.

What type of glass do I need for my bespoke glass project?

Depending on the intended application for your bespoke glass, there will be a variety of options and considerations;

Glass Table Tops and Table Covers

If looking to use a custom piece of glass to make a table top then toughened glass is required. The thickness required will be dependent on whether the glass will be minimally supported, such as when making a bespoke desk, or perhaps act as a cover or protector for a counter top or coffee table, where the glass will sit flush on the furniture. In the first instance 10mm is a good option, for glass table protectors, depending on the size, 4mm and 6mm is often used.

12mm clear toughened table top glass










Glass Splashbacks

Bespoke Glass kitchen splashbacks, whether being mounted and secured with standoffs, or when being fixed to the wall with adhesive, 6mm toughened glass is the most common choice for the glass itself. It is durable and generally more manageable when fitting. For more information view our page here.

Bespoke Glass Kitchen Splashback
Bespoke Glass Kitchen Splashback secured in place with Chrome stand offs.

Bespoke Shower Glass

In the case of a bespoke shower glass panel, complete custom shower enclosure, or a shower glass screen, the most common toughened glass to use is a thickness of either 8mm or 10mm with a polished edge. These thicknesses are often used for frameless glass doors for utility rooms, wet rooms and other situations where perhaps glass is a better choice than wood. The 12mm glass thickness is mainly used when the glass shower panel is going to be free standing.

Bespoke Glass Shower Panels
Bespoke Glass Shower Panels, secured with Chrome U Channel and Bi Fold Hinges.

Glass Partitions

For glass office partitions and large free-standing glass panels, 12mm is most commonly used. The wide variety of hardware for use when constructing the glass divider is often for 12mm thickness.

Glass Balustrades

Internal and external glass balustrading can have building control implications, so you should check with them to ensure your project will be signed off. As a point of reference, frameless glass balustrading when being fitted into a base rail of similar, will be a toughened laminate glass (essentially two pieces of bespoke toughened glass with an interlayer). The thickness for which range from 9.5mm up to 25.5mm. For glass balustrade applications with the inclusion of a handrail, either 10mm of 12mm toughened glass can be suitable. The same is said for infill glass panels on stairs, where glass is being used to replace existing spindles.

Glass Roofing and Green House Glass

For roofing and green house glass, either a toughened glass (4mm or 6mm) or a laminate safety glass is used. The thickness of which varies from 6.4mm up to 15.8mm. Clear laminated glass is often used in windows and shop fronts for example, as if the glass is broken/compromised, it will shatter with  a spider web pattern, but the integrity of the glass remains.


How can I purchase my Bespoke Glass?

We have a handy online calculator which allows customer to but their glass online 24/7.

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for an instant bespoke toughened glass price.

However not all glass types and options are covered, so if unsure please email your requirements to


What happens once I’ve placed my Bespoke Toughened Glass order?

If having a Bespoke Toughened Glass Delivery;

A date for delivery can ONLY be provided once the glass is ready and out of production, this timescale is variable. On average 10 working days from production commencing is approx, however the type of glass and the location for delivery do extend this approximate timescale.

We are NOT able to provide a definitive time of arrival prior to the date of delivery. The driver will contact you on the day of delivery, approx 1 hour before arrival. We will do what we can to keep you updated. Deliveries are made on weekdays only.

Please be aware that the driver will need to meet yourself or a representative to assist in unloading of the glass. We deliver to curb side, meaning that we don’t take glass upstairs, lifts etc.

The glass arrives NAKED this is typical in the glass industry. This enables us to keep costs down, and avoid contributing to environmental waste. Equally it enables you to check the glass thoroughly before signing that you are happy to accept the glass in the state it arrived.

Once signed for you have agreed to accept the glass in the condition it has arrived, and we can not take responsibility after that point.

If wanting to Collect your Bespoke Toughened Glass;

If you are collecting your glass from us in Chippenham, we will email to confirm once it is ready.

You will need to bring suitable materials for protecting the glass in transit.

It is your responsibility to check and sign for the glass before you leave.

Please be aware there are no guarantees/warranties provided for glass, as it is a breakable product.