Black Table Glass.

Black table glass can create a distinctive impact. In any room making a statement piece of furniture, whether it’s a large coffee table or a family sized dinging table.

Stylish, affordable black table glass for you.

Black glass can be very stylish addition to a variety of interior settings. Many monochrome schemes could perfectly accommodate a distinctive black glass element in the design. Being used as a coffee table top, dining table cover or perhaps as a desk. As with our clear toughened glass our black toughened safety glass typically ranges from 4mm to 10mm in thickness, meaning it can be perfectly suited for either a glass table top or as a protective glass table cover. Our glass can meet any shape need you may have, so whether round, square, rectangular or bespoke, let us know.


Black table glass is opaque in nature, but perhaps you want more of a smoked look for your table. We can also supply dark grey smoked glass, which can be cut to any size and shape to meet your table glass needs. If you’re wanting a black glass table top for your garden and need fabrication such as a hole for a parasol, we can accommodate. All we’d need is an accurate diagram with the dimensions and placement of the hole when you order. If you have any black table glass queries send us an email and we can get you a quote the same day.

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for a quick quote.

So no matter where you require your black table glass, get in contact to discuss your specific needs. If black isn’t the colour you want and you;d prefer a smoked glass table top or table top replacement, get in touch!

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