Children and Glass Table Tops.

Are you thinking about have a glass table top or glass table cover in your home, but unsure whether it would be suitable with small children running around? Understandably glass isn’t the first thing you think about having as a material, however we can offer a number of solutions.

Children and glass, it can work!

It’s understandable that glass wouldn’t be a natural choice for a parent with small or young children running around, but there are various options available that can suit your needs. Firstly all of our glass is toughened to the BS EN 12150 standard, secondly the durability of the glass can be ensured by selecting thicker glass, for example a 10mm thick glass table top can take very heavy usage without any compromise at all. Equally if you wanted a substantial protective glass table cover for an existing table, 10mm thick glass would be perfectly suitable. As a general rule the thicker the glass the better.

With small children, edges are a concern, 90 degree angles aren’t always the best thing! With our glass radius corners can be added to soften the angles, meaning you have piece of mind and ensuring that no nasty accidents occur due to children colliding with the corner of your glass table top. Radius corners can be accommodated as standard up to 25mm, and if you need more of a rounded edge, CNC can provide the solution, but the cost of the fabrication does increase.

child-glass-table-top-lightAny parent has experienced mealtimes when small children are eating, being little there can often be mess to clean up. Glass is the perfect surface for cleaning, and can be kept free from germs with the right attention and cleaning products.

The versatility of glass also means that other than being shaped or cut to your exact needs, there are a great many creative ways that a transparent material such as glass can be used. As an example you could place board games, puzzles, photos, and all manner of learning materials underneath the glass, a great way to quickly transform a surface for your children to enjoy and benefit from. Also glass can be used as a surface to paint on and further experiment with artistic materials, or why not have a light placed underneath the table to turn the table into a light box? In short there are lots of inspiring ways glass can be used safely and effectively with children in mind. There are also many durable laminate glass solutions that can be applied to table tops and table covers, if you want further advice please get in contact and we can select a solution for you.

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A large variety of glass solutions for people who have to consider children.

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