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Upcycling can be a great way to ensure you have a unique piece of furniture in your own home, or perhaps in a clients. Tables of all shapes and sizes, and of course functionality are called for. Also with a bit of creative thought upcycling can be an excellent way to ensure near enough anything can used and in turn become the base for a desk, coffee table or even dining table. There are no rules, only on what you can locate and want to turn into a table.


But having a great base doesn’t make a table! There are of course loads of options to create table tops and in some cases table covers from a large variety of materials. However glass is often at the top of many peoples lists for multiple reasons.

A glass table top or glass table cover can be cut to any size, shape, adds a contemporary feel, can be very hygienic and versatile surface. We’ve had customers ask where they can find suitable ‘legs’ for our glass, which highlights that many people think about the surface they want and work backwards. Obviously the design decision is their own, the freedom is there to turn any unique object into the base for a glass table to sit proudly on.

Things to consider are obviously what will support the glass and at home many points. If using a pallet the glass is nearly completely supported, however if using an engine block it won’t be. Glass thickness dictates the suitability and durability for any upcycling glass table top project, if you’re after advice don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at Table Glass Online, for some professional advice.


Glass Table Tops & Glass Table Covers – Order Online Instantly

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