What is the difference between a Glass Table Top and a Glass Table Cover?

We distinguish our core products with the following simple explanation: Table top – when the entire surface is glass, supported with a frame/or legs only. Table cover – when the glass is placed upon an existing surface, such as a wooden table or counter top.

How can I get a price for my glass?

If the online calculator isn’t working for you, please email  sales@tableglassonline.co.uk

It’s helpful for us to know the following points in order to price accurately; we use ‘mm’ for accuracy of measuring.

What width and length do you require the glass to be?

What thickness would you like the glass?

What is the glass being used for?

Do you want clear, low iron, frosted or tinted (grey or bronze) glass?

For solid/fully opaque coloured glass check out our handy DIY painting tips, we don’t currently offer black, brown or coloured painting services.

Do you want flat polished or unpolished edges?

Do you need a radius (rounded) corner, or would a dubbed or standard corner be sufficient?

Where is the glass delivery required (certain sizes and regions cost more for shipping) or would you prefer to collect from us in Chippenham, Wiltshire when the order is ready?

What toughened glass thickness should I choose? 

Thickness is determined by application, so for a glass table top 8mm and above is suitable. 4mm and 6mm are more suited to a table cover. 4mm is widely used for smaller table covers, less than 1000mm square, above this dimension 6mm is often advised. If unsure please feel free to contact us. 

Can I place hot plates and items directly on the glass?

The glass is toughened to the relevant British standards, however we would always advocate putting hot items on a mat or heat proof surface.

Is the glass you supply Toughened? 

All of our glass is toughened (tempered) to the relevant UK standards. Glass does break and it is not a product that is guaranteed.

What glass type should I choose? 

Clear toughened is essentially standard glass whilst Optiwhite has a low iron content, which means less of a green tinge. If you are looking to paint your table top or cover, we advise Optiwhite as any colour applied is far truer in appearance. All our glass is toughened unless you ask for float glass specifically. Optiwhite low iron glass is NOT opaque white glass.

Do you do coloured (opaque) glass? 

We do supply a grey and bronze tinted glass, however by purchasing Optiwhite low iron glass and then painting yourself gives far greater creative freedom, and it’s easy to do. Please see here for further info and a methodology on how to paint.

What is the turn-around time? 

Our average turn-around time for glass manufacture is between 7-10 working days from the order being processed, however unexpected things can happen with glass resulting in occasional delays. We suggest allowing up to 10 days if you require delivery, however 14 days can sometimes be required. There are rare occasions when longer may be needed, all glass is created from scratch in the UK. Shaped, circular and bevelled edge glass can take closer to three or four weeks for production.

What are my payment options?

You can pay via PayPal through our online glass calculator, via card over the phone or by BACS. If you require us to raise an invoice we can do so, we just need the full address and a contact number. Full payment is required prior to production commencing, it is crucial customers double check their invoices for any issues/mistakes. Glass can’t be refunded due to customer error.

Do you deliver to my area? 

We deliver broadly across the south of England. The following counties are what we consider the south of England on our calculator drop down;

Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Bristol area, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, West Sussex, Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire, and Buckinghamshire.   London and central London have a different tariff as per the drop down menu.

We can deliver to other areas, however please contact us for a definitive price, time scales vary also as a partner company may be required to deliver.

How is my glass delivered?

We transport glass via a combination of our own drivers or trusted drivers that have worked with us and proven their efficiency. 

We deliver throughout the week from early in the morning to late in the evening. We try where possible to accommodate your needs when it comes to deliveries, regarding times and days, we will always aim to give you advance warning regarding your delivery. The glass is delivered to the curb side, so it is essential if you are carrying the glass far to ensure there are enough people to assist. Please note if ordering online via the calculator, you must select the correct option, either delivery to the various areas, or to indicate your preferred collection location.

Can you tell me exactly when my glass will arrive?

Once the glass is ready from production, and once it has all been checked for defects etc, the glass is then scheduled for delivery. When a delivery date has been identified we will send an email to confirm our intent. On the day of delivery the driver will call in advance, normally a minimum of an hour, however there are numerous variables with driving and it could be less, depending on how close the proceeding drop is. The driver will need you to sign for and ensure you’re happy with the condition of the glass, this is why the glass isn’t wrapped or covered (unless back painted, for protection).

Can I collect my glass?

You can collect your glass free of charge from Chippenham, Wiltshire (SN14 6BB), this is weekdays only, between 9:30 and 16:00.

How should I care for my glass? 

We’ve found CRL professional glass cleaner to work wonders with glass.

What options can I choose for the edges of my glass? 

Glass edges are either polished or unpolished as two standard selections, essentially if you are going to see the edges have them polished, if the glass is to be recessed in any way have them unpolished. Please be aware that on occasion the legally required toughening stamp may appear on the face of the glass if unpolished. The rule of thumb is if you see the edges have them polished, unpolished edges commonly have defects and shelling along the perimeter.

What options can I choose for the corners of my glass? 

Glass corners are typically 90 degrees as you’d expect. Some customers have commented that they were not expecting such a precise angle, so the options we offer are standard 90 degree corners, dubbed corners which is when the angle is blunted slightly by 2/3mm, and radius corners (see below). If you are following the line of your existing table exactly, it is a good idea to examine the corners to assess what corner finish is best for you. Please see here for more information.

Can I have radius corners (rounded corners) on my glass? 

Absolutely, we can do radius corners as standard between 3mm and 25mm in radius. If you require more than a 25mm radius please contact us.

What effects can I have on my glass? (sandblasting, acid etched, etc) 

A vast selection of effects can be added to your glass, sandblasted for a frosted look is a firm customer favourite. If you have something bespoke in mind get in touch and we’ll happily discuss your requirements.

Can I add a design or company logo to my glass? 

In the past we’ve added company logos etc to glass, this is normally done with a vinyl template and then the glass is sandblasted. Get in contact with any requirements you may have.

I have young children, what do you recommend? 

Toughened glass is 5 times stronger than annealed glass, so is child proof in most cases, there are options to have table tops and table covers made in either clear laminate glass or toughened laminate glass, get in touch if you think you want more than toughened glass.

I have an Oval shaped table how to I measure it?

There are broadly two types of oval tables, an ellipse and a racetrack oval. Our online calculator has an ‘Oval’ shape drop down, this allows for ellipse based Ovals to be priced on an overall length and overall width. The other common oval table is a ‘race track’ oval, this requires a few additional dimensions to be calculated, and can’t be purchased through the online glass calculator. Please see here for more information.

I have an odd shaped table, can I provide a template?

Production can produce glass from a hardboard/mdf template; they will not accept paper templates. The template provided is what they will cut and manufacture from, so accuracy is key. The minimum thickness of glass for this procedure is 6mm. Templates can be delivered to us in Chippenham, or depending on the customer location we can collect, there is a charge for this, which equates to approx £40 ex VAT.

How Accurate Do I Need to Be When Measuring For My Glass Furniture Cover or Protector?

When you’re measuring for your table glass be aware that in some cases a tolerance for accuracy is required. Glass production facilities state that cut glass tolerance can be within + or – 1/2mm. Although from experience 99.9% of the time there are no issues, be aware that mm discrepancies can be present. Be mindful if your made to measure glass is intended to sit within a tight frame or surround, take this into account and allow for some flexibility and ‘wiggle room’. Some tables have a lip, or a chamfer or bevel that runs around the perimeter of the table, this is common with wood tables. In order to determine the size of the glass required (for a glass protector or cover), you will need to decide whether you want the glass to overhang (generally by a few mm or so), or to sit within the ‘inner’ perimeter of the table. Take your time when measuring and measure again, the onus is on you to determine what width and length dimension is required. Toughened Glass can’t be altered/resized once it has been toughened, and refunds/exchanges are not provided on the grounds of customer measuring errors or on mm variables within the production tolerances stated above.