Glass Coffee Tables.

Is that uninspired coffee table still getting unwanted attention, been thinking about getting a new one but not found the time? Or perhaps you’ve been considering options for something fresh and new, like upcycling that quirky object you found recently? Glass is perfect for your coffee table needs!

We can help on all accounts.


Why not use a glass table top to freshen up the space, and be the focus of the living room, or perhaps a glass cover to give a new dimension to an existing table. As for your interesting object you plan on upcycling – turn it into a stylish, bespoke coffee table instantly with our bespoke glass. It’s a bonus that glass can be a very hygienic and low maintenance surface, ideal for a coffee table top or cover.

glass coffee table rectangle

What is the best thickness of glass for my coffee table?

Our toughened safety glass can be cut to any size you require, it’s all made to measure glass, and we can advise on a selection of thicknesses if you’re unsure what you want exactly. If you plan to use the glass as a table cover (or protector) for your existing coffee table start with either 4mm or 6mm, if you want a solid stand alone glass coffee table top, then go with 8mm or 10mm.

My existing coffee table glass has broken, I need a replacement!

If your existing glass table top needs to be replaced, then we recommend checking the thickness in order to best match what we are able to offer. Our UK toughened glass suppliers have a range of thicknesses as follows; 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm. Custom glass table tops can be any thickness you desire.

Can I prevent the glass protector on my coffee table from moving easily?

Often to prevent glass from moving when positioned on the coffee table, a bump pad or table sucker is used underneath the glass. These are available at most DIY stores or online, they vary in appearance, see a couple of links below for reference;

Table Suckers

Bump Pads

What edges do I need on my glass coffee table, or replacement glass?

Polished edges are what you’d expect to see and have on either your glass coffee table cover/protector or standalone piece of glass.  Some customers prefer to have what is known as a bevelled edge.  The images below illustrate a polished edge and a bevelled edge respectively.

Polished Edge on glass
Polished Edge on glass
Bevelled Edge on glass
Bevelled Edge on glass

Do I need radius corners, dubbed corners, or 90deg corners on my custom cut table glass?

Normally a glass table cover will have completely square 90deg corners.  When the underlying table is wooden, chances are the corners are slightly ‘dubbed’, we can have teh corners of the glass dubbed to, this softens the corners slightly, to match the wood underneath. The third option is to add to a small round curve, known as a radius corner,typically between 5mm and 25mm. Not sure what radius corner your table has, or if you need one? Check out our measuring guide here

Radius corner on glass
Radius corner on glass

What happens once I’ve placed my Table Glass order?


If having a Table Glass Delivery;

A date for delivery can ONLY be provided once the glass is ready and out of production, this timescale is variable. On average 10 working days from production commencing is approx, however the type of glass and the location for delivery do extend this approximate timescale.

We are NOT able to provide a definitive time of arrival prior to the date of delivery. The driver will contact you on the day of delivery, approx 1 hour before arrival. We will do what we can to keep you updated. Deliveries are made on weekdays only.

Please be aware that the driver will need to meet yourself or a representative to assist in unloading of the glass. We deliver to curb side, meaning that we don’t take glass upstairs, lifts etc.

The glass arrives NAKED this is typical in the glass industry. This enables us to keep costs down, and avoid contributing to environmental waste. Equally it enables you to check the glass thoroughly before signing that you are happy to accept the glass in the state it arrived.

Once signed for you have agreed to accept the glass in the condition it has arrived, and we can not take responsibility after that point.

If wanting to Collect your Table Glass;

If you are collecting your glass from us in Chippenham, we will email to confirm once it is ready.

You will need to bring suitable materials for protecting the glass in transit.

It is your responsibility to check and sign for the glass before you leave.

Please be aware there are no guarantees/warranties provided for glass, as it is a breakable product

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for a quick quote.

Next time everyone is round yours for elevenses there will certainly be something new to talk about.

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