Glass Shower Screens, Bespoke Made to Your Requirements

Frameless glass shower screens can look stunning, and can often transform a bathroom or wetroom once installed, being both functional and elegant. However getting the size you want can be a challenge at times, which is why all our glass screens are custom made to the exact size you need.

Glass Shower Screen
10mm Glass Shower Screens secured with recessed U Channel in the walls and floors

So You Require a Glass Shower Screen, Where Do You Begin?

Always take time to measure the opening size you’re working with, many floors and walls run out of plumb, the optimum time to measure is once all the flooring, tray, and tiling is in and finished, this way you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Take your time, and always double check.

What Thickness of Glass is Most Common for a Shower Screen?

The most common thicknesses for glass shower screens, of a custom nature, are 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. We supply the following;

  • 8mm Clear Toughened Glass
  • 10mm Clear Toughened Glass
  • 12mm Clear Toughened Glass
  • 8mm Frosted Toughened Glass
  • 10mm Frosted Toughened Glass
  • 12mm Frosted Toughened Glass
  • 8mm Optwhite Low Iron Toughened Glass
  • 10mm Optiwhite Low Iron Toughened Glass
  • 12mm Optiwhite Low Iron Toughened Glass
  • 10mm Grey Tinted Toughened Glass
  • 10mm Bronze Tinted Toughened Glass

The majority of shower glass U Channel (the aluminium trim used to secure the glass) has an 8mm, 10mm and 12mm variant. The colour finishes vary for each, with 10mm U Channel having the largest range of available finishes on offer.

What Secures a Glass Shower Screen in Place?

If using shower glass U Channel to install, we advise reducing the glass size by approx -6mm from the dimensions that the U Channel will be secured (this is most commonly the wall and floor). As an example, if you want a panel which is 2000mm in height and 600mm in width, then the glass size to order would be 1994mm x 594mm, this reduction enables work able tolerances in most instances when it comes to installation of the glass shower panel. U Channel can be recessed into the tiles at the point of construction if required, but the simplest approach is to surface mount the U Channel on the wall and floor. We advocate fixing to the floor, as it aids in securing your glass shower screen. For wider shower panels, a support arm is often used, glass with a width of approx 700mm and over may need a support bar to aid in keeping it as stable as possible, the shower support bars we supply can all be retro fitted.

Walk in shower screen
Walk in Shower Screen secured with Satin Brass U Channel

Getting a Price and Delivery of Your Shower Glass

In order to get a toughened glass price and order your glass online 24/7, use our table glass calculator is here. 

For shower glass it just needs to be relevant width and height, glass thickness of either 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm and polished edges as YES.

(if you have any issues with the glass calculator, please email us at

Tinted glass needs to be ordered with us directly, so please send us an email with your needs. Once your glass has been paid for and when production is complete, there are two options, Firstly to collect your glass from us in Chippenham (Wiltshire) or to have your glass delivered. We deliver across the UK and the timescales differ, depending on location. In either case we can only confirm once the glass is ready and complete from the production environment.

Typically glass takes approx 7/10 working days to be produced. (types of glass, size and delivery location can extend these) Please remember your glass is made specifically for you and is not an off the shelf product. For more information on what happens once the glass has been ordered, please take a look here.