Glass Table Cover.

Have you got the perfect table, side-board, desk, dressing table or coffee table, but want an extra level of protection against accidental damages such as knocks, scratches or spillages?

Why not consider a glass table cover?

The simplest way to describe a glass table cover is as a piece of glass that covers your existing surface to enable additional protection from unwanted damage. Also known as a table protector, a glass table cover is a great way to offer protection whilst also being easy to clean, enabling you to still see the surface of your existing furniture, and glass can also give a fresh feeling to the room.

Common items that we supply glass table top protectors for are;

  • Computer Desks
  • Side Tables
  • Dining Room Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • Bed Side Tables
  • Cabinet Furniture
  • Dressing Tables
  • Restaurant Tables
  • Reception Desks
  • Work Counters
  • Counter Tops
  • Offices Desks
  • Office Tables
  • Sideboards
  • Workbenchs
  • Shelving
  • Boutique work surfaces

What thickness of glass do I need? 

Because you’re covering an existing surface the thickness of the glass can be less than a stand alone glass table top. Seeing as the glass is fully supported (sitting flush on the furniture), and dependent on the amount of use the table cover will get, in most instances 4mm thickness of glass can be suitable. From experience glass dining table covers should be 6mm and above, and surfaces that have significant usage such as a work bench, 10mm or even 12mm should be investigated. As a rule of thumb if the table is less than 1000mm square you can consider using 4mm for a table cover, above that size 6mm, 8mm and even 10mm should be considered, feel free to contact us if you would like further advice.


Having your glass table cover fabricated with either a cut out from a corner for example, or perhaps holes need to be drilled so that the glass can be more firmly fixed to the table surface underneath, all can be accommodated. If you do require specific fabrication, then the best thing is to email us a diagram with your exact needs, we can then get a quote back to you detailing the specific cost.

Can the glass table protector have a frosted look?

We also Sandblast (Frosted appearance) customers glass so that the supportive surface underneath can’t be seen, this is especially useful if perhaps the table has been damaged and the glass table cover is then not only acting as a protective layer but also as a mask to unsightly imperfections.

Can I have a Tinted or Solid Colour for my glass table cover?

Tinted Glass (Bronze and Grey) in either 6mm or 10mm and solid colour (back painted) options can be priced, although honestly if you want a solid colour, we recommend painting the glass yourself, as it’s easy to do and the result will be worth the little effort involved.

To paint the glass we advise purchasing an oil based eggshell paint, apply several coats over a few days (or until you’re happy with the result) with a gloss roller or similar. You won’t see any brush or roller marks once the layers have been built up. Once the painting is complete, consider applying a varnish to help seal the paint. The painted side is the underside of the glass, so it will look as new once you’ve finished. Simple, and cost effective.

How can I prevent the glass from moving when on the furniture?

Often to stop the glass from moving, either a bump pad or table sucker is used. These are available at most DIY stores and online, see a couple of links below for reference;

Table Suckers

Bump Pads

What edges do I need on my glass table cover?

Polished edges are what you’d expect to see and have on your glass table cover/protector. Some will want a bevelled edge also, which is less common. The following images highlight a polished edge and a bevelled edge respectively.

Polished Edge on glass
Polished Edge on glass
Bevelled Edge on glass
Bevelled Edge on glass

Do I need rounded corners, dubbed corners, just or 90deg corners on my glass table cover?

Typically the glass table cover it will have completely square 90deg corners.  We are able to soften the corners, known as a dubbed corner (which is a 1/2mm blunting of the corner), or add to a small round curve, known as a radius corner, which are typically between 5mm and 25mm. Not sure what radius corner your table has? Check out our measuring guide here

Radius corner on glass
Radius corner on glass

What happens once I’ve placed my Table Glass order?

If having a Table Glass Delivery;

A date for delivery can ONLY be provided once the glass is ready and out of production, this timescale is variable. On average 10 working days from production commencing is approx, however the type of glass and the location for delivery do extend this approximate timescale.

We are NOT able to provide a definitive time of arrival prior to the date of delivery. The driver will contact you on the day of delivery, approx 1 hour before arrival. We will do what we can to keep you updated. Deliveries are made on weekdays only.

Please be aware that the driver will need to meet yourself or a representative to assist in unloading of the glass. We deliver to curb side, meaning that we don’t take glass upstairs, lifts etc.

The glass arrives NAKED this is typical in the glass industry. This enables us to keep costs down, and avoid contributing to environmental waste. Equally it enables you to check the glass thoroughly before signing that you are happy to accept the glass in the state it arrived.

Once signed for you have agreed to accept the glass in the condition it has arrived, and we can not take responsibility after that point.

If wanting to Collect your Table Glass;

If you are collecting your glass from us in Chippenham, we will email to confirm once it is ready.

You will need to bring suitable materials for protecting the glass in transit.

It is your responsibility to check and sign for the glass before you leave.

Please be aware there are no guarantees/warranties provided for glass, as it is a breakable product.

So, no matter your need or circumstance, let us know what you require and we’ll create the perfect bespoke glass table cover for you.

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for a quick quote.

Bespoke Toughened Glass Table Covers can be any thickness you require, get in touch with us to discuss further.

Call us on 01225 667125 for more information.

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