Glass Table Top with Antimicrobial Properties

We’re all aware that a glass table top surface is easier to clean, and with a quick wipe can look like new. However this is only surface deep, quite literally.

Antimicrobial protection for your glass table top.

Cleaning glass is an relatively easy experience, there are many glass cleaners available, however these only last for a limited time and have a specific use. At Table Glass Online we’re able to have your glass table top coated in our factory with an antimicrobial solution that will provide very long lasting effects. This should certainly be considered.

So what is the coating? The coating is called ClearShield and is a product of a company called Ritec. Their solutions for glass protection have been going for over 30 years without being surpassed.


ClearShield once applied can add a new level of protection to your glass table top or glass table cover, it is non-stick and acts at a microscopic level, to bond with the glass and offer unbeatable protection. This treatment enables extended durability for your glass and has been proven to stand the test of time. Once applied your glass will better resist bacteria, fungi and bacteria, which of course helps to promote a more hygienic environment. ClearShield also makes the glass easier to clean and quicker too, so you save time to do things you’d prefer.

ClearShield is of course food safe, and meets EU and US FDA test requirements for direct food contact, therefore it makes ClearShield the perfect partner for your glass table, whether it’s a large or small dining table, or a small coffee table. It also works perfectly out doors, so you’re glass garden table or glass rattan furniture tops will also benefit.

If you’d like to know more about it’s benefits, and pricing for your table, please get in touch with an email or phone call.


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