How to measure a Glass Table Radius Corner.

Do you have a coffee or dining table that has rounded edges and you want to cover it with protective toughened glass? Not sure how to measure that corner accurately?

Please read on to find out.

Measuring is crucial for ensuring the glass follows the specific contours of your table.  We get asked by numerous customers how to do this, so please find a quick explanation and visual diagram below for reference. Measure from the start of the curve on both edges of the table, where they meet along lengths A and B will give you the dimension that your radius should be, it is important to double check! Glass table covers are normally 4mm and 6mm thick, but if it is a large table you might want to consider 10mm and above.

How to measure a Glass Table radius corner

Radius corners are typical up to 25mm, over this dimension CNC which is a computer aided cutting device used at the processing facility, can be required. The cost for this can increase the price of the glass, so if you’re unsure please contact us to clarify further.

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for a quick quote.

Moving forward everyone will enjoy the glass table top with an accurate radius!

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