Replacement Rattan Table Glass.

Has your rattan table glass been accidentally broken? Not sure where to get a replacement from? Look no further than Table Glass Online.

We can create a replacement for your rattan furniture table glass.

Unfortunately accidents do occur, and as a result glass needs to be replaced. Whether your table has just ventured out from the garage or perhaps a gust of wind has flung the parasol onto the glass, a broken piece of table glass is no good. Rattan furniture can be fairly expensive at times, so buying an entire set isn’t always an option.

Getting a new piece of suitable toughened glass however can be. We regularly supply customers with replacement table glass for rattan furniture so if you’re looking to have some new glass we can help. Typical thickness in UK glass production is either 4mm or 6mm, commonly when replacing customers opt for 6mm for a bit more integrity than the standard 4/5mm which most tables are supplied with. And of course if you need a new hole for your parasol, they are typically 50mm in diameter, however some are larger, so please contact us if they are. Many rattan sets have coloured or tinted glass, we commonly assist in offering black, brown and other solid colour options if needed. The tinted colours are either a bronze of a smoked grey, contact us directly for a price.

 Your table glass doesn’t have to be a standard shape or size either, circular tables and bespoke tables with unusual shapes are where our experience lies, so if you have a any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact, we’ll get your rattan furniture looking as good as new.

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for a quick quote.

Restore your rattan furniture back to how it should be, feel free to call us to discuss specifics.

Call us on 01225 667125 for more information.

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