If you have broken or damaged your glass table top or glass table cover, we are here to help.

Unfortunate as it is, you have two or three options:

  1. Buy a new table.
  2. Replace the damaged glass.
  3. Don’t do anything.

Sometimes it would be more efficient to replace the whole table, but if you try our Table Top Glass calculator, you might just find it more cost effective to replace the broken glass.

Our toughened glass is much cheaper than the High Street Merchant and we will deliver to your door. If its not too much of a problem one of our drivers/couriers may well fit the glass for you!

Our glass table tops and covers come in a variety of finishes, with thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 19mm. We are sure you will find the perfect match for your table glass.

Templating your glass table top

One of the uncertanties is the size of the original table glass. The best way of trying to recreate the actual size is with a template. You can use hardboard or some thin sheets of MDF or go professional and use ‘antinox’ from your local builders merchants, these are thin floor protectors but in our industry we would use them for templating purposes.

Once you have achieved the desired shape and size, either use our calculator and price up your table or give us a call with the dimensions and we will give you a price over the phone.

We will soon have your table back to its former glory in no time!

Call us on 01225 667125 for more information.



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