If you experience any issues ordering online via the table glass calculator, please email all your requirements to sales@tableglassonline.co.uk

PRODUCTION UPDATE;  Please note  the following; Circular Glass above 1000mm diameter needs to be in 6mm. A bevelled edge isn’t possible on circular glass. Our areas of delivery have also changed, please contact us to ensure we can cover your area. For further information on what you may need please check out our guide here.

Table Glass Calculator

Try our easy to use table glass calculator to find out how much your glass table top or glass table cover/protector will cost.

Glass Type –  Please note ALL our table glass is toughened to BS EN 12150

The options available are normal clear toughened glass, this is regular glass you will find in most windows, shelves etc, we provide a higher fidelity option which is called Optiwhite low iron (also known as crystal clear), this glass has much less iron in it’s make up , therefore making the glass appear to have a reduced ‘green’ tint when looking through the edge, it is also best to use this glass if thinking about having a colour back painted. Sandblasted glass has a frosted appearance, whilst light will pass through the glass it’s not transparent to the eye, and can be used to disguise damage on table surfaces.

Our black, brown or white glass is a solid opaque colour, and looks great. If you require back painted glass of any colour, or a tinted glass, which is typically grey or bronze, please contact us directly as it is not currently available to order via the calculator.

Need help with the glass calculator?

1. Select you glass type. For further info check here

2. Select an alternative shape if required.  PLEASE NOTE – 4mm circular glass can be manufactured up to 1000mm, over this diameter 6mm is required.

3. Input the relevant sizes.

4. Select the glass thickness required.

5. Select polished edges if the edges of the glass are to be seen/exposed. See below for the appearance, it is known as a ‘flat polished edge’. If the glass is going to sit inside a frame, then you can consider having an ‘unpolished edge’ (defects are often present on the perimeter) as seen below.

Polished Edge on glass
Polished Edge on glass
Unpolished edge on toughened glass
Unpolished Edge on glass

6. Choose the radius corner amount if needed. Check out our measuring guide here

Radius corner on glass
Radius corner on glass

7. If you want a bevelled edge, choose the amount, please be aware this can add significantly to production time. Bevelled edges aren’t possible on circular glass at the moment.

Bevelled Edge on glass
Bevelled Edge on glass

8. Option for holes drilled in the glass, please email us the locations and provide a diagram. The default diameter for a drilled hole is 50mm, if ‘one’ is selected.

9. Select the number of pieces you require.

10. IMPORTANT – Select your delivery option, please note it defaults to Collection from us in Chippenham. If ordering multiple pieces, only one delivery charge is required.


For a more detailed description of the options please see below, you can also email your requirements to sales@tableglassonline.co.uk


Our glass will come square/rectangle by default, we also offer circular or oval shaped glass. If your require a bespoke shaped table glass or glass table cover  please call as we can accept templates for cutting glass in a unique shape or pattern. PLEASE NOTE – 4mm circular glass can be manufactured up to 1000mm, over this diameter 6mm is required. Please be aware that circular glass can in some instances take up to 8 working weeks, depending on size and fabrication.

Glass Width/Length

All our measurements are done in millimetres, please enter your desired size into the option boxes here.

Glass Thickness

Our glass comes in various thickness, the choice is generally decided depending on application i.e. a table or sideboard protector or cover would be suitable in 4mm, a stand alone glass table on a pedestal would be in 10mm or 12mm dependant on size.

Our range of toughened glass ranges from 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm in thickness. We also do a range of toughened laminate glass, contact us for info.

Polished Edges

When glass is cut in processing by default is is in a sharp state, obviously you would potentially cut your fingers if the edges were not worked and softened.
Application for non polished edges would be if the glass we to be placed into a table as an inset with either a wooden or metal surround. Polished edges are the norm so tick yes when required. This type of polished edge is commonly known as a ‘flat polished edge’.

Unpolished Edges

Known as an ‘Unpolished Edge’, this option reduces the cost understandably on glass orders, but is less slightly. An unpolished edge is used if the glass is intended to sit in a frame or be rebated in some form. Unpolished edges can often have chips, shells and defects along the edges.

Radius Corners

When your table top is finished, it will come completely square (if you have ordered a rectangle or square top). We have the ability to soften the corners to a small round curve, this is ideal if you have a free standing glass table top and small children running around. Radius corners are typically between 5mm and 25mm.
PLEASE NOTE: Radius corners greater than 25mm work out extremely expensive as CNC is required, which will add a minimum cost of £110 to the price.

Not sure what radius corner your table has? Check out our measuring guide here

Standard Corners

When your table top is finished, it will come completely square (if you have ordered a rectangle or square top). This is known as ‘sharp’, it is a precise machine finish of 90 degrees.

Dubbed Corners

When your table top is finished, it will come completely square (if you have ordered a rectangle or square top). This is not always required, and we can add a ‘dubbed’ corner free of charge. The dubbed corner is essentially a blunted corner, which is ideal if you require a less severe 90 degree corner on your glass. Please add in the notes field on your order  if you wish to have dubbed corners.

Bevelled Edges

Bevelled edges are an alternate to the normal polished edges and will give your glass a different visual quality, you can find bevels most commonly on mirrors but tableglassonline can offer this service for tables too. Bevelling can be accommodated up to 30mm. Please be aware that bevelled edges on orders can add to the production time by several days if not longer, on occasion up to 4 or more working weeks can be required. 4mm Glass can’t be bevelled at the moment.

Drilled Holes

Generally we find that people will require a hole for an outside dining table so they can place a pole or a parasol through the middle of the table. Sometimes the glass table has to be fitted to a frame on the underside of the glass, these can sometimes require holes to be drilled. Holes can be drilled as standard up to 50mm in diameter. If you require above this diameter please contact us, as there is an increase in cost.


If you would like more than one of your item i.e. you have 2 matching bedside tables to cover, then just click 2 from the drop down menu.

Delivery Areas

We offer delivery across parts of the South UK. If ordering online please ensure you select the appropriate option. We either deliver ourselves or outsource to one of our trusted glass carrier specialists who will transport your glass safely and efficiently. All glass is delivered in a purpose built glass racked vehicle.  The following counties are what we consider the south of England on our calculator drop down; Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Bristol area, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, West Sussex, Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire, and Buckinghamshire. London and central London have a different tariff as per the drop down menu. We deliver throughout the week from early in the morning to late in the evening. We try where possible to accommodate your needs when it comes to deliveries, regarding times and days, we will always request that our couriers and delivery partners provide you advance warning regarding your delivery. The glass is delivered to the curb side, so it is essential if you are carrying the glass far to ensure there are enough people to assist. Please note if ordering online via the calculator, you must select the correct option, either delivery to the various areas, or to indicate collection from Chippenham (Wiltshire).


You are able to collect your glass from Chippenham (Wiltshire) for free: Opening times can on occasion vary, weekdays only.

Toughening Stamp

All our toughened glass comes with a toughening stamp, this is a legal requirement from the glass manufacturers. We refer to them as a ‘furniture stamp’, due to the discreet nature of the toughening stamp. These are placed on an edge of the glass.

Payment Online

We accept most credit cards and also use the online payment gateway PayPal for a secure transaction. Once you have chosen your size just use the ‘add to cart’ option at the bottom of the calculator and you can then make your Table Glass purchase.

27 thoughts on “Table Glass Calculator | Instant Glass Pricing and Purchasing

  • Hi can you please quote your price and delivery time/cost to LL17 0LW for a sheet of toughened glass, size 2000 x 900 x 10 mm with polished edges either clear or smoke brown colour…..many thanks

  • Hi
    I require some clear glass top covers pricing up for bedroom units to be used in a B&B Guest House please. In total I need the following which I’m assuming are ok in 4mm thickness:

    8 @ 475mm x 345mm for bedside cabinets
    3 @ 1415mm x 435mm for vanity drawer units
    1 @ 1065mm x 435mm for smaller vanity drawer unit

    all with a flat polished edge please and with the sharpness of the corners blunted slightly, is this the “dubbing”?
    The sizes above are the cut sizes please, very slightly smaller than the wooden tops of the units.

  • I’m looking for a glass table top for my oak dining table. It’s 150cm in diameter. We live in south west Scotland and would be looking for delivery. Please could you supply a price for 4, 6 or 8mm glass. Which ever is recommended

  • Hi,
    I have a 6 seat rattan patio set that I bought from Rattan Direct which I require a replacement glass top for. The measurements of the glass are 1733mm x 1103mm. Could you tell me if you have these size items in stock, i.e. We could drive to Chippenham and pick it up, or do we have to order online and await manufacture?
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Richie, apologies for the delay, All glass is made to you spec, we don;t hold any stock. The cost would be £123.49 inc VAT for the glass in a 6mm thickness. We suggest allowing approx 7 working days from payment for collection orders, and we’d let you know once the glass is in and ready.

  • Could you price a replacement glass to sit on top of a rattan patio table? Size is 1200mm x1200mm, square. Clear glass.

  • Hello

    I am looking for glass tops for two bedside cabinets – 35cm x 43cm. I will need dubbed corners.

    Please could you let me know how much this would cost?

    Please could you also quote for bevelled edges?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Rusell, due to the small size we can’t bevel, but we can polish. The cost per item would be approx £24 inc VAT.

  • Hi there,
    I am looking for a glass table top with bevelled edge, dimensions 95 x 200cm.
    Could you send a quote for this?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jennie, how much of a bevelled edge do you require? Please see our instant price calculator for more info.

  • Hi, I have a coffee table

    Please quote me with a clear glass to go on top with dubbed corners 100mm x 50mm

    Please e-Mail me back

  • Can you give a price for glass insert for a table. 890×660. It rests on a 10mm lip around the edge and no more support so if you can recommend a thickness needed strength wise. Thanks. P.s no tarting up needed. As cut.
    Thanks Andy

    1. Hi Andy, 6mm would be ok, where are you based for delivery? Feel free to call us and discuss.

  • Hi please quote me for rattan round patio table 950mm diameter with 50 mm centre hole and delivery please

  • I am looking for tempered glass coffee table top 6 mm thik width 490mm and length 1060
    Can I get quote please and delivery pption

  • hey I was wondering do you have a glass top with measurement of 73cm widths and 50 cm depth for my desk
    can I get a quote of the cost and delivery

    1. Hi Nima, all glass is cut to your spec, if you can let us know the thickness you require we can provide a price.

  • Hello,

    We have an outdoor patio set Suprimo Ashbourne Round Table and the glass has smashed.
    The measurements for the table are
    Length / Depth 135cm
    Width 135cm
    When I measured the inner rim of the table where the glass sits it comes to 124cm
    Can you give me a price for replacement glass
    It would need delivery
    Our post code is Gtr Manchester OL15 ODA

    1. Hi Crain, I would suggest 6mm, at that size the glass would cost £155 inc VAT and delivery to Manchester.

  • Looking for a glass topper for my desk, dimensions are 1600 x 800. Unsure about thickness, I’d assume 6mm would be ideal but if 4mm is still safe/practical then that would be preferred for lower cost. I’d also like the corners dubbed, and the edges polished and/or rounded (don’t want any 90 degree sharp corners). Delivery would be required to the Greater Manchester area (OL4).

    Also would tinting/colouring the glass be possible?

    1. I would suggest a minimum of 6mm thickness, if you want a bronze of grey tint we can do that, if you would prefer a solid colour, as it’s inside, I’d recommend you paint with a water based paint. Dubbed corners are free, the corner would be determined by the table you are placing the glass on.

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