Glass Table Cover.

Have you got the perfect table, side-board, desk, dressing table or coffee table, but want an extra level of protection against accidental damages such as knocks, scratches or spillages?

Why not consider a glass table cover?

The simplest way to describe a glass table cover is as a piece of glass that covers your existing surface to enable additional protection from unwanted damage. Also known as a table protector, a glass table cover is a great way to offer protection whilst also being easy to clean, enabling you to still see the surface of your existing furniture, and glass can also give a fresh feeling to the room.

Because you’re covering an existing surface the thickness of the glass can be less than a glass table top. Seeing as the glass is fully supported, and dependent on the amount of use the table cover will get, in some instances 4mm can be suitable. From experience glass dining table covers should be 6mm and above, and surfaces that have significant usage such as a work bench, 10mm or even 12mm should be investigated. As a rule of thumb if the table is less than 1000mm square you can consider using 4mm for a table cover, above that size 6mm, 8mm and in 10mm should be considered, feel free to contact us if you would like further advice.


If you’re unsure about the thickness for your glass table cover, then feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your specific needs. Having your glass table cover fabricated with either a cut out from a corner for example, or perhaps holes need to be drilled so that the glass can be more firmly fixed to the table surface underneath, all can be accommodated. If you do require specific fabrication, then the best thing is to email us a diagram with your exact needs, we can then get a quote back to you detailing the specific cost.

We’ve also sandblasted customers glass so that the supportive surface underneath can’t be seen, this is especially useful if perhaps the table has been damaged and the glass table cover is then not only acting as a protective layer but also as a mask to unsightly imperfections.

So, no matter your need or circumstance, let us know what you require and we’ll create the perfect glass table cover for you.

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for a quick quote.

Glass table covers can be any thickness you require, get in touch with us to discuss further.

Call us on 01225 667125 for more information.

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16 thoughts on “Glass Table Cover

    1. Hi Ann, for solid coloured glass we advise customers paint the glass themselves, feel free to send over the dimensions and we can price for you?

  • Hi,
    I want glass top cover for my Rattan table. It’s 158cm circular with the Center hole 40mm. If you have in tinted grey that will be great. Could you please provide me with your prices.

  • Hi
    Looking for glass table top for extendable dining table rectangle with six chairs
    Also looking for glass top for dressing mirror to add extra protection from oils and creams
    Need rough price please

  • Hi I am looking for glass cover for dining room table width 1 meter by 2 meters length please if you can offer me price thanks

    1. Hi Moshe, at that size you;d need to consider 6mm as a minimum. The cost with delivery is £177.60 inc VAT.

  • Can I have a price for a 4mm rectangular glass protector for my new white gloss dining table measuring at 160cm x 90cm.

  • Hi,
    I’d like a quote for a clear glass 6mm dining table cover with standard edges please.

    Table size is 220cm x 100 cm.

    Thank you.


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