White Table Glass.

White table glass can create a minimalist clean look with maximum impact. Your glass table can become a statement piece of furniture, whether it’s a large coffee table or a family sized dinging table.

Stylish, affordable white table glass.

White glass can look fantastic, proving a worthy addition to a variety of interior settings. Many monochrome schemes could perfectly accommodate a distinctive white glass element in the design. Being used as a coffee table top, dining table cover or perhaps as a desk. As with our clear toughened glass our white toughened safety glass typically ranges from 4mm to 10mm in thickness, meaning it can be perfectly suited for either a glass table top or as a protective glass table cover. Our glass can meet any shape need you may have, so whether round, square, rectangular or bespoke, let us know your requirements.

White Glass Table

White table glass is opaque in nature (as it is essentially painted on the underside). In order to have the most brilliant of white table glass Optiwhite low iron glass is back painted, if normal clear toughened glass is painted, the iron content can make the white more of a spearmint white, see the image below for clarification. If unsure, contact us and we can discuss. If you’re wanting a white glass table top for your garden and need fabrication such as a hole for a parasol, we can accommodate. Holes are typically 50mm in diameter and placed centrally.  If you have any white table glass queries send us an email and we can get you a quote the same day, this glass isn’t purchasable through our online calculator.

back painted clear versus optiwhite

How to back paint your white glass for a professional finish

Firstly decide on whether you want to use Optihwite low iron glass, or the more standard clear toughened glass as your ‘base glass’ for painting, then simply back paint the glass when it arrives. This not only saves money, but will mean the production time on the glass is lessened. To paint the glass we advise purchasing an oil based eggshell paint, apply several coats over a few days (or until you’re happy with the result) with a gloss roller or similar. You won’t see any brush or roller marks once the layers have been built up.

Once the painting is complete, consider applying a varnish to help seal the paint. The painted side is the underside of the glass, so it will great once you’ve finished. In comparison the cost of production facility back painting is typically a minimum charge of approx £120. Exact prices are based on the area of the glass required.

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No matter where you require your white table glass, get in contact to discuss your specific needs.

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