At Table Glass Online we’re often asked which type of glass should be used for a table topper of glass table cover. There are a few different options but one question which arises often is should I choose clear toughened glass or Optiwhite Low Iron glass, and what are the differences. The main difference is the ‘iron content’ in the different glass types. The clear toughened glass has a higher iron content which means it can appear more ‘green’, where as the low iron glass has less iron, meaning it essentially appears clearer to the naked eye.

Why does this matter? If the table, surface or item of furniture is ‘light’ in colour, then the optiwhite low iron glass will mean the ‘surface’ looks more natural and true. The following examples highlight the differences between the two glass types; enabling customers to get a better visiual understanding of what they may prefer for their own glass table requirements.

Clear Toughened glass table top

Replacement glass table topper for rattan furniture
An example of ‘clear toughened’ 6mm glass used to replace a broken garden table top.
Toughened glass table top cut to size
A closer look at the edge shows the ‘dark green’ appearance of standard clear toughened glass.

Low Iron Glass Table Cover

Low iron glass table cover
Low Iron glass can appear clearer than standard clear toughened glass.
6mm low iron glass table cover
A closer look at the edge of the Optiwhite low iron glass, highlights the reduced iron content, therefore appearing less ‘green’.
Small low iron glass table cover
This smaller glass table cover in low iron further illustares the reduction in iron content.

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