Coloured Table Glass.

Glass is by default a transparent material, which is fine unless you want it opaque in some way. Coloured table glass is what you need!

We can have glass coloured in a huge selection of colours.

Perhaps you have a very particular colour you want to match, or just fancy having your glass table top or cover replicated in your favourite colour, this is not a problem. A good starting point is to select a RAL colour for your glass.

Our toughened safety glass can be cut to any size and shape that you may require, prior to the glass being painted and processed. If you’re uncertain we can advise on a selection of thicknesses to suit your purpose. As a rule it’s for a table cover for your existing table start with 6mm, but you can go as low as 4mm. If you desire a solid stand alone round glass table top to rest on a frame, then select 8mm or 10mm.

If you are looking to have a light colour applied to your glass, we would advise you consider purchasing the Optiwhite low iron glass option. The reason behind this decision is because Optiwhite is low iron, it has less of a ‘green tinge’, which means any colour applied to the glass has a much truer representation.

How to back paint your glass for a professional finish

We suggest to that customers can save money buy purchasing clear glass, then back painting when you receive it. This not only saves money, but will mean the production time on the glass is lessened. To paint the glass we advise purchasing an oil based eggshell paint, apply several coats over a few days (or until you’re happy with the result) with a gloss roller or similar. You won’t see any brush or roller marks once the layers have been built up.

Once the painting is complete, consider applying a varnish to help seal the paint, this also helps to protect against weathering on the table. The painted side is the underside of the glass, so it will look professional once you’ve finished. Simple, and cost effective for creating a glass table the colour you want. In comparison the cost of production facility back painting is typically a minimum charge of approx £120. Exact prices are based on the area of the glass required.

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for a quick quote.

The use of colour in a room is very important, so why not inject some colour into your room by having a painted glass table top or glass table cover.

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