Frosted Glass is used for table and furniture protection. Replacing garden table glass and often for shower enclosures and glass screens.

An alternative option to clear toughened glass for cover table tops and other items of furniture is to use a frosted glass. This is a finish applied to the underside of the glass when placed on a table or item of furniture. The glass is ,sandblasted, in order to create this frosted effect; it is great for hiding bleamishes, scratches, stains and to an extent the metal frames on external garden furniture sets.

What types of glass can be frosted?

All the glass thicknesses we provide can have a frosted appearence, these range from 4mm to 19mm in single safety glass thicknesses. It is possible to sandblast our tinted grey and bronze glass, although this is less common as these glass types are inherently tinted, and so alters the effect. Frosting of glass is used in many applications, most commonly on glass used to protect different items furniture such as dining tables, bed side tables and console tables. It is regulalry seen when privacy is required on a shower screen, or shower door to add an aditional level of modesty.

Frosted glass table topper
A frosted glass table cover for a dining table.
Frosted glass top for rattan table
An example of a frosted glass table top wth radius corners for a garden table.
Frosted glass table cover with cut out
Glass with a frosted appearance and central cut out.
6mm frosted glass to replace a patio table.
Sandblasted garden table top
A piece of frosted replacement glass for this garden table.
Garden table with frosted finish
A further example of a frosted glass replacement with central parasol hole.
Frosted glass shower enclosure
A corner frosted glass shower enclosure, a great way to create privacy.

Is frosted glass more expensive than clear glass?

Frosted toughened or tempered glass does have a higher price point than the standard clear toughened or tempered glass. This is because of the sandblasting process in production, and the additional energy used. The end result is a specific finish on the glass, and overall is less common than normal clear glass.

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