Glass Coffee Tables.

Is that uninspired coffee table still getting unwanted attention, been thinking about getting a new one but not found the time? Or perhaps you’ve been considering options for something fresh and new, like upcycling that quirky object you found recently?

We can help on all accounts.


Why not use a glass table top to freshen up the space, or a cover to give a new dimension to an existing table. As for your interesting object you plan on upcycling, or old furnishing – turn them into stylish, bespoke coffee tables instantly with our glass.

It’s just an added bonus that any spilt coffee or tea can be easily wiped away with ease, leaving no stains at all. Glass can be a very hygienic and low maintenance surface, ideal for a coffee table top or cover.

glass coffee table rectangle

Our toughened safety glass can be cut to any size you require, and we can advise on a selection of thicknesses if you’re unsure what you want exactly. If it’s for a table cover for your existing table start with 6mm, if you want a solid stand alone glass coffee table top, then go with 10mm.

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for a quick quote.

Next time everyone is round yours for elevenses there will certainly be something new to talk about.

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