Are you wanting to protect your wall from unwanted mess? Thought about purchasing a custom glass splashback but not sure how to proceed? We can help with all your bespoke glass splashback requirements.

What thickness do you I need for my glass splashback?

From experience most glass kitchen splashbacks are a 6mm thick toughened glass, with polished edges. However the thickness decision is dependent on the size required, and also the shape. It is always a good idea to keep the size manageable and think about how the glass splashback will be secured in place. Breaking a large section down into manageable pieces is a good idea, and planning where ‘joins’ between the glass splashback panels can be made.

I want my glass splashback to be a certain colour, can that be achieved?

All coloured glass splashbacks are essentially ‘back painted’, this is a service provided  at our production facilities. All we need to accommodate a wide range of colours is the exact  RAL number. An exact cost  can then be provided based on the area of the glass required.. However there is also the option of back painting the glass splashback yourself, once delivered.

The methodology is the same as for painted table glass. The back is painted with either a water or oil based paint and then sealed with either a varnish or a backing. It is important to first decide on how the glass splashback will be fitted, as the concern is the adhesive could damage the paint if not sealed.

Back painted Glass Kitchen Splashback, secured to the wall with adhesive

How is it best to secure my glass splashback in position?

There are two real options for fixing a glass splashback in position. The first is to use an appropriate adhesive to stick the glass directly to the wall, or secondly to have holes drilled in the glass, enabling for standoffs. These standoffs are then secured into the relevant holes in the wall and tightened to secure the glass splashback. The diameter of the drilled hole needs to equal the thickness of the glass itself, and we advise allowing a few millimetres of play, so that there is manoeuvrability when it comes to fixing the glass splashback in place.

6mm Optiwhite low iron glass kitchen splashback, secured in place with 4 chrome standoffs.

I need a bespoke shape and cut outs for my glass splashback, is that possible?

As all our glass is made to measure and cut to your specification, sections of the glass can be cut away if needed and areas can be cut out to accommodate plug sockets etc. It is worth allowing tolerance when measuring to ensure there are tolerances when it comes to fitting the glass splashback. Please email us an image/sketch and we can price based on that.

Once ordered how long does it take for my Glass Splashback to arrive?

The timescale is variable, and it will depend on a variety of factors; location, number of glass pieces, if the glass is being back painted in the production facility, and the shape and required fabrication of the glass splashback. Take a look at our link here on what to expect once the glass has been ordered and sent to production.

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