How to Measure for an Oval Glass Table Top.

Need glass for an Oval shaped table, or want an Oval Glass Table Top?

Please read on to find out. Ellipse and race track oval glass tops.

Measuring is crucial for ensuring that any glass follows the specific contours of your table. This is even more important if you have an oval shaped table, or a ‘race track’ oval.  Many potential customers get it contact us and ask us where it is best to start measuring, to ensure accuracy. Our online calculator has an ‘Oval’ shape drop down, this allows for ellipse based Ovals to be priced on an overall length and overall width. The other common oval table is a ‘race track’ oval, this requires a few additional dimensions to be calculated, and can’t be purchased through the online glass calculator.

Race track oval tabel glass top
An example of a ‘race track’ oval glass table cover
An oval glass table cover
An example of an ‘Oval’ glass table cover with an ellipse shape.

Therefore we have provided a diagram which can be used to assess the dimensions of the glass required, take a look below. It is worth mentioning that Oval Shaped Glass is generally a minimum thickness of 6mm, (certainly if CNC is required) and can be up to 19mm if required, but it’s important to consider the extra weight of the glass!

How to measure an oval table top

Once you’ve been able to determine the dimensions of A, B, C and D respectively, just drop us an email and we can provide an accurate price and advise on thickness, glass type and edge finishing.

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for a quick quote.

Moving forward everyone will hopefully enjoy looking at and using, the Oval Glass Table Top!

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