Oval Glass Table Top.

Are you considering a new glass table top, but aren’t sure of what shape to choose? Aside from the standard square, rectangular and circular glass table, why not consider an oval or elliptical shape?

Oval tables can be supplied to your specifications.

There is an elegance to an oval or elliptical glass table top, you get the dynamic, sweeping edges of a circle with the larger surface area of a rectangle. The best of both worlds.


Glass has the advantage of being a very hygienic and low maintenance surface to clean. A great centrepiece for your living room or lounge. As a rule glass for a table top, resting on a frame such as the oval table in the photo above, should be either 8mm or 10mm. If you have an oval table you wish to cover in glass, we can help. An oval glass table cover can be either 4mm or 6mm in thickness, careful measuring would be required in order to get the exact radius of the curves.

We have a wealth of experience in creating oval glass table tops and table covers, so feel free to send us an email or give us a call to discuss further. An accurate template will ensure the oval glass matches your table exactly.

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for a quick quote.

Oval table tops can be a great centrepiece for you to show off, the best of circular and rectangular in one.

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