Replacement Rattan Table Glass.

Has your rattan table glass been accidentally broken? Not sure where to get a replacement from? Look no further than Table Glass Online.

We can create a replacement for your Rattan Furniture Table Glass.

Unfortunately accidents do occur, and as a result glass needs to be replaced. Whether your table has just ventured out from the garage or perhaps a gust of wind has flung the parasol onto the glass, or even picked up the glass and caused it to come crashing down and smash into a million pieces. A broken piece of table glass is no good and rattan furniture can be fairly expensive at times, so buying an entire set isn’t always an option.

replacement rattan table glass

Getting a new piece of suitable replacement rattan toughened glass however can be. We regularly supply customers with replacement table glass for rattan furniture so if you’re looking to have some new table glass we can help.

What thickness do I need for my Rattan Table Glass Replacement?

Typical thickness in UK glass production is either 4mm or 6mm, commonly when replacing customers opt for 6mm for a bit more integrity than the standard 4/5mm which most tables are supplied with. We advise having the edges polished, as the toughening furniture stamp can be neatly applied to the edge. Unpolished edges on the glass won’t cut you, but unpolished glass is commonly used if the glass is being recessed into the frame. Also if unpolished, you will have a ‘face’ toughening stamp on the glass.

What if I need a hole in my glass for a parasol?

Of course if you need a new hole for your parasol, they are typically 50mm in diameter and placed centrally in the glass, however some are larger, so please contact us if they are, as the cost increases.

My Rattan Table Glass was a solid Black or Brown colour before, what are my options for replacement? Simple DIY back painting glass tips for a professional looking finish.

Many rattan sets have coloured or tinted glass, we commonly assist in offering black, brown and other solid colour options if needed. The tinted colours are either a bronze of a smoked grey, contact us directly for a price as these are only available in 6mm thickness and are more expensive than clear toughened glass.

We do suggest that customers can save money buy purchasing the clear glass, then back painting when you receive it. This not only saves money, but will mean the production time on the glass is lessened. To paint the glass we advise purchasing an oil based eggshell paint, apply several coats over a few days (or until you’re happy with the result) with a gloss roller or similar. You won’t see any brush or roller marks once the layers have been built up.

Once the painting is complete, consider applying a varnish to help seal the paint, this also helps to protect against weathering on the table. The painted side is the underside of the glass, so it will look as new once you’ve finished. Simple, and cost effective for replacing your rattan table glass. In comparison the cost of production facility back painting is typically a minimum charge of approx £120. Exact prices are based on the area of the glass required.

How can I order a Replacement Piece of Glass?

Typically all you need to know is the width and length, these can be input into our glass calculator, the thickness is typically 4mm or 6mm, so select the option that best suits. As mentioned we advise selecting the polished edges YES, then if you have require a central hole for your parasol, just select 1 from the drop down menu. That’s it for the glass, just select whether you wish to collect your glass from us in Chippenham, or select the relevant drop down delivery option.

Try the Table Top Glass calculator now for an instant glass price, buy online 24/7.

What happens once I’ve placed my Table Glass order?

If having a Table Glass Delivery;

A date for delivery can ONLY be provided once the glass is ready and out of production, this timescale is variable. On average 10 working days from production commencing is approx, however the type of glass and the location for delivery do extend this approximate timescale.

We are NOT able to provide a definitive time of arrival prior to the date of delivery. The driver will contact you on the day of delivery, approx 1 hour before arrival. We will do what we can to keep you updated. Deliveries are made on weekdays only.

Please be aware that the driver will need to meet yourself or a representative to assist in unloading of the glass. We deliver to curb side, meaning that we don’t take glass upstairs, lifts etc.

The glass arrives NAKED this is typical in the glass industry. This enables us to keep costs down, and avoid contributing to environmental waste. Equally it enables you to check the glass thoroughly before signing that you are happy to accept the glass in the state it arrived.

Once signed for you have agreed to accept the glass in the condition it has arrived, and we can not take responsibility after that point.

If wanting to Collect your Table Glass;

If you are collecting your glass, we will email to confirm once it is ready.

You will need to bring suitable materials for protecting the glass in transit.

It is your responsibility to check and sign for the glass before you leave.

Please be aware there are no guarantees/warranties provided for glass, as it is a breakable product.

My Glass Table was an Odd Shape?

Your table glass doesn’t have to be a standard shape or size either, circular tables and bespoke tables with unusual shapes are where our experience lies, so if you have a any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact, we’ll get your rattan furniture looking as good as new. If you have an oval shaped table, consider checking our guide to measuring here.

Restore your rattan furniture back to how it should be, feel free to call us to discuss specifics.

Call us on 01225 667125 for more information.

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52 thoughts on “Replacement Rattan Table Glass

  • Hi I am looking for a replacement Glass table top 1805mm x 1155 x 5mm. In black or grey. Postcode is Wr102qp. Can you advise on cost? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jonathan, We advise customers paint the glass, as it’s easy to do and cost less than us doing it.
      The glass in 6mm clear with polished edges would cost £133.09 inc VAT, delivery is £48 inc VAT.

  • Hi we need a replacement glass top for out table, measurements 167 cm by 87 cm rectangle approx

    How much would this cost

  • Looking for a replacement 950mm diameter circle of grey backed toughened glass with a 50mm central hole 6mm For an outside rattan table For collection from Chippenham

  • 45 inch square in a solid black or grey colour glass required.

    Polished edges & 6mm. thick

    Must not be see through / clear as the plastic mesh effect below our current glass top has broken so needs hiding from view.

    Can you please quote incl. delivery to our home in Cardiff UK or the option if we can collect from Chippenham


    1. Hi, apologies for the delay. For solid coloured glass we advise on customers painting themselves, it’s more cost effective than production doing it. The cost for a clear 6mm would be £88.57, and delivery if required is £48. Both prices are inc VAT.

  • Hi

    Could you quote me for a glass replacement for my rattan cube table measuring 1metre 13 cms square please.

    The glass was of a black tint.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Chris apologies for the delay. For solid coloured glass we advise on customers painting themselves, it’s more cost effective than production doing it. The cost for a clear 6mm would be £88.68, and delivery if required is £48. Both prices are inc VAT.

  • We have a rattan table that was not cheap or so I thought we have had it for two years and each winter I have used a cover to prevent weather damage.
    This year I took the cover off to find what at first I thought were cracks but on closure view I realised that this smoked glass was in fact a clear glass with black backing stuck on.
    How much would a square black glass top be ( I don’t want clear glass with a stick on back ) it measures 113 cm square I would think after reading your blurb that 6 mil would be best.
    Could you please supply a price?

    1. Hi Alan, if the glass is ok but the paint is peeling, I’d suggest stripping the paint off and using a oil based paint to redo the glass. Cheaper than buying a new glass top!

    1. Hi Adrian, certainly we can help with that. Would you require delivery or can you collect the glass from us? I can then price accordingly.

    1. Hi Ann, would you need delivery also or can you collect from us? The brown colour is achieved by back painting the glass, we can provide tips on how to do this if interested. A price for 6mm clear toughened with polished edges and a drilled hole would cost £67.14 inc VAT. Delivery is an additional £48 inc VAT.

  • Hi the wind has taken my glass top off my ratten cube and needs replacing I believe it’s a 4ft square tinted cube type how much delivered please?

    1. Hi Michelle, is it tinted or painted on the back of the glass? Only asking, as the price is very different!

  • Hi looking for replacement glass for my table has it got smashed in the storm w 110 x d 110cm in black what would be the price please

    1. Hi Tara, painting is expensive, the cost is a minimum of £120 from production on top of the glass and delivery price. Feel free to call us if you wish to discuss.

  • Hi I need black glass for one of sections for my table rattan set 4mm and sizes517mm wide length 1025 mm

    1. Hi Danielle, we advise getting clear glass and painting. The cost of clear 4mm would be £81.13 inc VAT delivered.

  • Hi, could you give me a quote on a tinted black glass top for my table. The measurements are length 1770mm and width 1125mm depth 6mm please.

    1. Hi Paula, we advise getting clear glass and painting. The cost for 6mm clear delivered inc VAT would be £175.93. For a grey smoked alternative, the cost would be £235.

  • Hi I’m looking for replacement glass for my rattan table1159.6×1121.1 in 6mm. Also with polished edges Can you quote for delivery to WD24 7DZ

  • Hi our glass shattered dont know why we were puzzled ,I need a quote for black or brown tinted glass 10mm thick and it’s 40ins by 40ins square ,thanks .I don’t want clear glass thanks.

    1. Hi Mrs Perry, due to the amount of work we have at the moment we’re not currently offering a painting service.

  • Hi,

    I’m looking for a replacement circular black toughened glass table top 1150 in diameter, can you advise the cost for this please?


    1. Hi Stuart, we would advise you paint the glass black. A clear piece in 6mm with delivery inc VAT is £193.20.

    1. Hi Mel we would advise you paint the glass black. A clear piece in 6mm with delivery inc VAT is £130.67

  • Hi

    Looking for ratten glass replacement for my outside table

    110cm diameter-round with 50mm hole in centre

    6mm glass – clear

    Polished edge


    1. Hi John, it does depend on the glass type, shape etc. However we say to allow approx 5/7 working days from payment.

  • Hi, I’m looking for a quote for a smoked circular glass top for my tartan table with polished edges and a 50cm umbrella hole please. Delivery Cm11 2sa. Thanks

    1. Hi Natalie, the cost in a 6mm grey tinted with a central drill hole and delivery wound be a total of £265 inc VAT.

  • Quote please for 6mm thick glass table top. 940mm x 1940mm. Polished edges.
    Central umbrella hole.
    Delivery to Brentwood in Essex.

  • Hi, I need a garden table glass top replacement, don’t mind colour, thickness etc just the cheapest please, the table is 95cm x 95cm, with central hole for parasol. Please can you give me a quote?

    1. Hi, in 4mm the glass would cost £53.71 inc VAT, this is the price as per our glass calculator. Delivery if required is £49 inc VAT.

  • Hi.
    Im looking to replace a 134cm round glass outdoor rattan table top in 6mm thick glass. Can you quote me a price on this please. Delivery would be to Bridgend, S Wales.

  • Hi, I’m looking to replace a 1580mm clear round glass rattan table top, 5mm thick, with 1 parasol umbrella hole in the middle of the glass, with soft finish on outside of glass. Delivery to Wallington Surrey. Could you price for me please.

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