Table Glass Calculator

Try our easy to use table glass calculator to find out how much your glass table top or glass table cover will cost.Calculator

Glass Type –  Please note ALL our table glass is toughened to BS EN 12150

The options available are normal clear toughened glass, this is regular glass you will find in most windows, shelves etc, we provide a higher fidelity option which is called Optiwhite low iron (also known as crystal clear), this glass has much less iron in it’s make up , therefore making the glass appear to have a reduced ‘green’ tint when looking through the edge, it is also best to use this glass if thinking about having a colour back painted. Sandblasted glass has a frosted appearance, whilst light will pass through the glass it’s not transparent to the eye, and can be used to disguise damage on table surfaces.

Our black, brown or white glass is a solid opaque colour, and looks great. If you require back painted glass of any colour, or a tinted glass, which is typically grey or bronze, please contact us directly as it is not currently available to order via the calculator.