Our Common Areas for Table Glass Delivery;

We can supply toughened glass to many southern areas of the UK with our courier partners. These areas and counties are listed below;

Somerset, Dorset, Bristol area, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, London area, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, parts of Essex, Hereford & Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and the Birmingham area. 

Table Glass Delivery Process and Timescales;

A date for delivery can ONLY be provided once the glass is ready and out of production, this timescale is variable. On average 10 working days from production commencing and payment being made is approx, however the type of glass and the location for delivery do extend this approx timescales.

We are NOT able to provide a definitive time of arrival prior to the date of delivery. We request that the driver will contact you on the day of delivery, approx 1 hour before arrival, or earlier. This is what we expect of our delivery partners. We will do what we can to keep you updated. Deliveries are typically made on weekdays only, however some areas of the UK can be accommodated at weekends.

Please be aware that the driver will need to meet yourself or a representative to assist in unloading of the glass. We deliver to curb side, meaning that we don’t take glass upstairs, lifts etc.

The glass arrives NAKED (no packaging) this is typical in the glass industry. This enables us to keep costs down, and avoid contributing to environmental waste. Equally it enables you to check the glass thoroughly before confirming that you are happy to accept the glass in the state of arrival.

When the glass arrives it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check before signing/verbally agreeing to accept THE GOODS. Once agreed to accept the glass in the condition it has arrived, we DO NOT take responsibility after that point. If there is an issue or you have a concern, YOU MUST contact us immediately AND BEFORE the DRIVER LEAVES.

On non polished edges, hinge cut outs, and drilled holes, shelling can be present, these ‘shells’ can be up to 8mm in depth/size from the edge of the glass or drilled hole. Hinge cut outs are not polished, PAR or polished all round, relates to the PERIMETER edge of the glass panel, where indicated on invoice.